A Fresh New Look - Recruiterbox Redesigned

Thoughts from the designer, Harish, on redesigning Recruiterbox.

Over the last few months our team has been designing a new look for Recruiterbox. This new design gives the system a facelift, and a fresh new look. We're so excited for you to check it out!

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You can read all about the changes below, and explore these in your account as well. We really hope you love it!

Are you ready?

Spoiler Alert... Here is a sneak peak at the Candidate Dashboard and the Openings Dashboard. Ready to see more?

The New Look inside the Candidates Dashboard

The New Look inside the Openings Dashboard

Now, let's look at the details.

Below are more details on the changes we've made. You can also check them out inside your account at any time!

New Colors

The first facelift we gave the system was an infusion of new colors.

We added a new blue color that is younger, and more pleasing to look at.

We also added more accent colors across the system, to break the monotonous look of the old interface.

Enhanced visuals throughout

As you explore the new system, you'll find visual enhancements throughout.

We removed the old-school boxy look, in favor of softer edges and clean lines.

We've redesigned the openings page, adding more whitespace here, and throughout the system.

The openings page is also now easier on the eyes, compared to the older square display of the openings assigned to you.

This is just the first step...

This is just the first step towards the great user interface we envision. We are excited to hear your feedback on these enhancements, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon as well.

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Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at support@recruiterbox.com at any time!

~ Harish @ Recruiterbox

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!