Access Everything Quickly with a new Navigation Design

Ease of navigation around the system helps your team have more productive days.

After hearing from a number of users that the in-app navigation on the top bar wasn't always the best for navigation, we've made a new design to tackle this issue.

Let's see it!

This new design moves the "top bar" of the system to the left side menu:

This left side menu will follow you around the account, and contains a link to your Openings page, your Candidates Dashboard, your Calendar page, as well as a "present" icon for viewing updates just like this one, and a link to view reports!

We've also redesigned the top bar, to be sleeker and give you more screenspace, while still keeping all of your information at hand.

This top bar is adaptive to which section of the account you're on, allowing you to always have access to your search and advanced filter options.

If you'd like to access your referrals, log out, or access your settings, you can drop down on your initials on the top right hand corner of the account:

If you are connected to more than one Recruiterbox account, this dropdown on the top right is also where you'll find the option to toggle between accounts.

We hope you enjoy this new design, and would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to let us know your thoughts below!

~ Chelsea