Add standard information to candidate profiles with Flagged Fields

We know how important the candidate profile is when you're hiring - it contains all of the relevant details and information you want to see at a glance!  Many of the details on the profile are created by the candidate, upon application for the opening.  Flagged Fields allow you and your team to add additional details to a candidate's profile after application.

Different from the current "Add more info" option which lets you add information ad-hoc to a candidate's profile, these flagged fields can be standardized across your account, or across all candidates in a particular opening, to automatically show on every profile.

This feature is only available on certain pricing plans. Interested? Reach out about an upgrade!


You can read about all the details of this feature here. If you need more help, we're always ready to help at!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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