Trakstar Hire connects to Trakstar Learn

Since the goal of using Trakstar Hire is to find the perfect candidates, it also makes sense to then move these candidates forward into your Trakstar Learn system, to begin onboarding and other e-learning courses. With our new connection between Trakstar Hire and Learn, you can do just that! What is it? The new connection with Trakstar Learn allows your team to move candidates which you have marked as hired in to your Trakstar Learn account. How do I set it up? Setup is simple! Any account su… Read more »

Meet the enhanced Zoom integration

The integration between Zoom and Trakstar Hire allows you to speed up your interview scheduling, by generating Zoom links automatically when creating interview invites. How does it work? Each user has access to connect their Zoom account to Trakstar Hire from within their Settings page. Once connected, a Zoom link will automatically generate any time "Zoom" is the medium picked for the interview. This enhancement to the Zoom integration is now available on all accounts! Ready to get started… Read more »

Enhancements to duplicate viewing + merging candidates

Inside of Recruiterbox we check for duplicate candidates via the email address listed in their profile. Should there be a match we alert you with a handy marker by the candidate's name. You can then view + merge these duplicates as you desire. While this duplicate detection + merge functionality has been around for a while - today it gets an exciting refresh - including the following enhancements: * It's now easier to view duplicates within the context of a candidate's profile, seeing all… Read more »

Update candidates faster with increased bulk rejection capabilities

Historically, Recruiterbox has been set up to allow you to reject candidates in batches of 20 at a time. With this latest feature enhancement, you can now reject (and write to!) to all candidates in a given list. This feature is only available on certain pricing plans. Interested? Reach out [] about an upgrade! Questions? If you need more help, we're always here -! ~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness P.S. How do you feel about this upd… Read more »

Share your jobs directly with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the professional social network - why not look there for your next great candidate, too? With the new LinkedIn job connection you can seamlessly post your jobs from Recruiterbox to LinkedIn's free postings. Questions? Read all about it here [] . If you need more help, we're always just an email away -! ~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Custom… Read more »