Three things a Charm

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” - Gautama Buddha Of the many subtle changes that we have made in Recruiterbox to simplify your life, we cannot hide the following 3 anymore Grouping of openings in "Widget" and "Hosted career site". Enhanced Interview section in the candidate page. Name/Email/Phone parsing of emailed & bulk uploaded candidates. Grouping of Openings: It is often necessary to group the openings based on location (for multi-location organizations) or team (for clarity about the roles) or the opening type (Fulltime/Partime etc). Now… Read more »

Questionaires - Collect more information

“Life has wicked humor – It changes the questions, when we have the answers” - Unknown Questionnaires are available in all our legacy plans, Pro plan and customized standard plans. Very often, during the hiring process we end up gathering more information from a candidate. This information will be of immense use if it can be structured (in the form of Q&A), reused (as templates), communicated (as messages to candidates) and searched (for filtering). There are multiple use cases where creating a form that candidate fills up other than the application form is useful. An application form typically is… Read more »

The New Year Goals

No one ever got in trouble for failing to meet a vague plan ~ Seth Godin A "New Year" is a great paradigm to pause and reflect on what has been achieved. It also the right time to define what needs to be achieved. The context can be "Personal Life", "Family", "Team work" or even "Organization". At Recruiterbox, we believe that any goal has to both "Actionable" and "Measurable". We will be building more product features that help our customers to set goals and achieve them. We… Read more »