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Paid Job Postings - Reach out to more candidates

Getting the information about a job opening to all potential candidates (who qualify) is one of the biggest challenges faced while recruiting. Various Job Boards try to address this need by ensuring that the potential candidates can search for relevant jobs. Job boards also try and attract the passive candidates by updating them about the availability of relevant jobs that they are interested based on location, function, company etc. Posting the job opening details to multiple boards is a tim… Read more »

Happy Labor Day - Welcome to EEO Support

A mini set of Questions and Answers Do you support EEO data collection? Yes. It is done as a part of “Candidate Messages”. The following image shows how it is done. The candidate will see the following link at the end of the message. The candidate would see a page similar to (Sample EEO Survey Form []) when he clicks the link. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is the quest… Read more »