Don't miss another interview!

We understand, work gets busy and sometimes it's easy to miss an interview that hasn't transferred to your calendar. We don't want that to happen! Now, when you are attached to an interview, you will receive a calendar invite that will look very familiar in your email: This update eliminates the need to "Add to Calendar", and the invitation can be accepted or declined directly from the body of the email. Below the calendar invitation, the body of the email will be very similar to what you are used to seeing when an interview arrived in your inbox:… Read more »

Introducing the Interview Excel Report!

Sometimes you need to take a look at the interviews occurring within your company. While this information can be seen by going into each candidate profile and scoping it out, that can be time consuming! We don't want you to be spending your time sifting through profiles, so we have created the Interview Report in Excel! By going to Reports: and scrolling down to Excel Reports: You'll see the option to generate an Interview Report: Now select a date range you'd like this data to be between: Click Generate Report and you will find the spreadsheet in your email! What… Read more »

Clean up your data - delete Candidate Profile lines!

Sometimes you gather information that seems relevant, but over time may no longer be the case. Having line after line of extra info can make the candidate's profile look messy and overwhelming! We are here to make hiring more organized and simplified, and now that is even easier! Within the candidate's profile, you'll now see the option to delete lines within the profile! Yes, you read that correctly. When you go into the candidate profile and select Edit to the right of the line you're looking to delete you will now see Remove this info Select this and POOF it's… Read more »

Super Users, take control of the time!

You asked and we delivered! Nothing is worse than scheduling an interview with another user with an incorrect timezone. Now you need to press pause on your flow and track the user down to update it. And it always happens when you are on a roll! Stress no more Super Users! How do I do it? Great question! If you go into Settings and select Users, you'll see the Edit button to the right of the user's name: Once you select this, you'll jump to the Edit page where you will see a timezone dropdown: Select to expand the drop… Read more »

Be in the know! Subscribe to our Updates Blog!

Sometimes you get so into your workflow, you forget to click the top bar and learn about a new feature. We understand! Now we've made it even easier for you to stay up to date about Recruiterbox's latest features with our email subscription to our updates blog! Where can I find it? If you go to, in the upper right corner you will see: OR You will notice the same icon at the top of any of our updates articles: How do I sign up? Click Get Free Email Updates and a pop up will appear: Add… Read more »