Automatically send candidates for review with new Review Stages

A few weeks back we introduced an exciting new enhancement to allow you to manually send candidates to your colleagues for review. With this week's update, you can now pre-configure stages for candidate review.

What is it?

These stages are similar to the pre-configured Interview Stages that were released a while back.

The review stage type can be set up to contain the details regarding who is to review the candidate. You can also add a note to give the reviewer context.

Lastly, you can choose if this review request will go out to reviewers automatically or manually each time a candidate is moved in to this stage.

How do I set it up?

In order to use these new features you will first need to add a review stage to your hiring workflow.

  • Within any opening, click on "Manage Hiring Workflow" on the right side of the opening details

  • Click "Add" at the bottom of your hiring workflow list and you'll find a new dropdown, with the option to choose a review stage.

  • Now you can fill in the details of the review stage.
  • The coordinator is the owner of the stage, and the person responsible for the candidate while they are in this stage
  • The Reviewers are the people who will be notified to review the candidate
  • Optionally, you can add a note to give the reviewers context
  • Lastly, choose if you would like the review request to go to the reviewers automatically or manually once a candidate is moved in to this stage

What happens when I move a candidate in to a Review Stage?

When you move a candidate in to a pre-configured review stage, the reviewers listed are sent a request to review the candidate.

This is done either automatically:

Or manually:

...depending on how you have the stage configured in the "Manage your Hiring Workflow" setup

What does it look like for the reviewer? What about for myself, reading the reviews?

Check out this help article, which goes in depth regarding the "Send for Review" screens.

Can I invite non-users?

Yes! You can invite non-Recruiterbox users to be reviewers by typing in their email address in the "Reviewer" line

Hold up...I'm not seeing these options when I manage my stages

If your team hasn't been moved to the New Hiring Workflow, you will not have these options when you configure your stages. Please write to us regarding transferring your account to the new hiring workflow.

More questions?

Check out this help article, or feel free to reach out at any time at!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!