Toss the sticky notes - Candidate Message Reminders are here!

Imagine this...

As part of your hiring workflow, you want the candidate to complete an assignment and get back to you within a few days.

You send a candidate a message, and would like to check back in to make sure they've responded in the set time, so you put a sticky note on your computer monitor to remind yourself to check back.

Your week gets busy (as weeks tend to do), the sticky note falls behind your desk (as sticky notes tend to do) and you forget about checking for a reply. This candidate falls through the cracks.

The new candidate message reminder feature solves this dilemma!

What is it?

The candidate message reminder feature allows you to set a designated date for you to be reminded if a candidate as not replied to a your message.

If this date passes and no reply comes from the candidate, an overdue marker shows within the candidate profile:

As well as on the candidate dashboard:

How do I use it?

The reminder feature is easy to set up. You can add a reminder to a message as you are sending the message:

Or after it is sent:

Does everyone see the overdue marker?

The overdue marker is designed to be used by the sender of the message, and is only seen by the person who sets the reminder. Think of it as another way to "Star" the candidates inside your own user account.

How can I learn more?

Check out this help article for all of the details!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!