Candidate Stars become Favorites

In the past, you've been able to "star" candidates, to help call them out in your list:


This function has always symbolized "bookmarking" or flagging the candidate, so that you can return to them quickly.

To help clear up the functionality of this feature, we have changed up the look of this marker. Going forward, the Star fuctionality will now look like a bookmark. Candidates marked in this way will be called "Favorites."


The functionality remains the same - the favorite marker is only visible to you, and not to anyone else who has access to the candidate. You'll still be able to filter by your favorites, too.

Why have we made this change?

Changing the "star" to be "favorites" clears up confusion in the functionality of this feature, and it also opens the door for some (really exciting) system updates in the coming months.

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