Check the status of your candidate messages with sending confirmations!

During hiring, communication with candidates is critical - and knowing your message went through is a vital step in this process.

With this latest enhancement, we've given you more transparency in message delivery.

What is it?

With this new enhancement, you will now see confirmation of the delivery of your candidate message, as well as a note if the message couldn't be delivered.

How do I use it?

You don't have to do anything different! Going forward when you send a message you will see the following on the right side of the message, near the date and time:

  • When a message is first sent, you'll see a single check box. Hovering over this box let's you know the message is queued for processing.

Processing often takes mere seconds, but, at times, may take longer - depending on the candidate's mail server as well as the length of the sending queue.

  • Once the message is delivered, you'll see a double checkmark, indicating the message was successfully delivered to the candidate's mail server

Do note - this indicates that the message was successfully delivered to the candidate's mail server. There is still a bit of outer space between the mail server and the candidate's inbox - the message could still get stuck in a spam filter, or otherwise lost in one of their mail filters.

  • If there is an issue in sending the message, you'll see a red !. This indicates that sending failed.

Sending can fail for a number of reasons, including the candidate's mailbox being full or unreachable (invalid email), or the candidate blocking your message.

What if I have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at any time at

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!