Delay Send, Invites & FAQ

By the time September arrives in the mountains on the United States east coast, there is no mistaking that Fall is pushing warm Summer nights aside for early dusks, crunchy leaves and chilly mornings.

While I enjoy the warm Summer sunshine, everything about Fall is my favorite. I enjoy cozying up with a hot mug of tea as the temperatures plummet, and watching the daylight hours slip away as the trees are painted with glorious colors.

Last week we talked about parsing during single candidate uploads, less restrictive bulk messages, and the new "share" button.

This week we want to share a few new tricks for your team to cozy up with - hot mug of tea required.

Delay Send

Sometimes you would like to write a candidate message, but you're not quite ready to send it. This is perfect if you'd like to catch up on messages over the weekend, but don't want to send them until Monday morning - not that we recommend working on the weekend, or anything.

Now with delay send you can choose exactly when the message goes to the candidate. You can find this option beside "Send Now" in candidate messaging.

Calendar invite in candidate messages

A few weeks back we gave the interview portion of the candidate profile a face lift. One of the great features of this new setup is the ability to message the candidate while scheduling an interview. With our latest enhancement you can also include a calendar invite in this message.

  • When you create an interview that is marked as "Confirmed" this calendar invite will automatically display at the bottom of the candidate message. If you don't want to include it you can click the X to delete it out of the message.

  • When this message comes across in the candidate's email, it displays as a calendar invite for their particular calendar type (gmail, outlook, etc).

  • If the interview is unconfirmed, you can send the calendar invite when you click "Confirm" from within candidate messaging

  • You can learn more about the other new interview features by clicking here.

Search the FAQ

If you've clicked the "Have a Question" button in the bottom right corner of your account lately you've noticed it has a number of new options as well.

  • Live Chat - A few months back we added live chat, which gives you a direct link to our support and sales staff! Of course, you can always still reach us by email as well - and we're super speedy there!

  • FAQ - A few weeks back we added an FAQ tab, where you can search our new help article website.

We hope you are enjoying these new features! We look forward to sharing more with you soon!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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