Happy Labor Day - Welcome to EEO Support

A mini set of Questions and Answers

Do you support EEO data collection?
Yes. It is done as a part of “Candidate Messages”. The following image shows how it is done.


The candidate will see the following link at the end of the message.


The candidate would see a page similar to (Sample EEO Survey Form) when he clicks the link.

Is the questionnaire unique to a candidate?
Yes. But we do not save the candidate references as a part of response. This data is NOT available as a part of candidate profile.

Can I send the EEO link multiple times to the same candidate?
The link is unique to the candidate and hence can be sent as many times.

Can I know if any candidate has filled up the detail?
No it is not possible. We save the data independent of the candidate info.

How do I access this data?
A report in the format of EEO-1 is available in the report section and be available for all “Super Users”.

Can I create a template with EEO link?
No. But we will add this to templates soon.

Can I have the EEO form as a part of the application form?
Not currently. Recruiterbox candidates can be created in multiple ways (Widget, Application form, Email, Single candidate creation, Bulk upload). The candidate message way of collecting EEO data will be consistent across any of these sources. This also ensure that there is persistent record (for audit purposes) of communication about EEO.

Can I customize the EEO survey form information?
No. Do write to us if you see a need and we will try to include the use case in our future releases.