External Recruiting Agencies Portal

Here at Recruiterbox we understand that - for many of you - external recruiting agencies are an extension of your hiring processes. But we also understand that your relationship with these agencies functions differently than that of your colleagues.

With the latest enhancements to the External Recruiting Agencies Portal you will be able to add these external agencies to specific jobs, giving them access to a secure portal for adding candidates

Easy to set up

It is fast and easy to add a new external recruiting agency from within any job opening on your account. Once they've been added the first time, you can pick them quickly from the drop down to add to more job openings.

Convenient, secure portal

Once you've added an agency they receive and email notification and a secure portal login to add candidates to the jobs you've given them access to.

Agencies only see who they add

From their secure portal an agency will only have access to the openings you assigned to them and to the candidates that are added under their login.

Duplicate warning

If the agency tries to add a candidate that is already in your Recruiterbox account, they will receive a duplicate warning message.

Continuous status updates

From the agency portal, agencies can check on the status of their candidates at any time

Automatic source tracking

Candidates added by the agency will automatically have their source and channel tracked for easy reporting

Ready to learn more?

Click over to this help article to read more about the agency setup.

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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