Get up close and personal with video assessments

Here at Recruiterbox we have a lot of remote teammates, and, even though we don't sit beside each other, we do see the value of face to face interactions.

As such, a valuable tool in our hiring practice is a video assessment. Personally, we like to ask the candidate to tell us why they're a good fit for our team - and it's always fun to see how the responses vary, and bring out each person's personality just a bit more.

We know that a lot of you enjoy video as a tool for screening candidates, too, which is why we've added it to your toolkit.

You can now send video assessment questions through the Recruiterbox Followup Questionnaires!


I'm excited - How do I set it up?

Hop on over to this help article to learn more!

What if I don't see this in my account?

This feature is available on special pricing plans. Interested? Reach out to us at

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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