Tackle Feedback in a Single Bound

You've done the hard work, and it is time to interview the candidate. You're dreading this, right? Don't! Just like everything else - we've made this part simple. You'll be leaping over interview feedback in a single bound (or...something like that).

The best part? It displays beautifully on your mobile devices, too!

Before an interview you'll receive a reminder email. Clicking on the "View Details" button on this email allows you to get to a quick snapshot of the candidate's profile.

This page also contains a button for contacting the candidate and a place to leave comments and your interview feedback.

Be prepared - review the candidate's profile

Review the candidate's profile information and resume. Need to see their full profile? We've added a handy button for that, too!

Call the candidate with one click

No need to look around for the candidate's phone number, Skype ID, or Google Hangouts email. A handy button right on your screen will allow you to call the candidate with ease! This button will automatically customize based on the "medium" chosen in the interview scheduling.

Write a comment in a flash

Unexpected things happen. Interviewees don't show, or there are technical difficulties. When this occurs, toggle to the comment screen and type away!

Leave feedback and you're out the door!

After you've gathered your thoughts and you're ready to leave feedback, there's a button for that as well!

Write out your feelings, give a thumbs up or down, and submit your evaluation!

Save the world...

Now that you've gotten the interview buttoned up in recorded time, you have tons of time left to save the world! Or...at least get another cup of coffee. :)

Need to learn more about scheduling an interview? Read all about it here!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness