Keep Track Easily with Candidate Statuses!

When you are asking your team to review candidates, or setting up interviews for candidates, knowing the status of these tasks is important. Candidate statuses allow your team to quickly see at a glance the status of your candidates during these stages!

What is it?

With the New Hiring Workflow we have rolled out both Review stages and Interview stages.

Review stages allow you to pre-configure the candidate to be sent for review when moved into one of these stages.

Interview stages allow you to pre-configure the interview details, to be used when scheduling an interview for a candidate in one of these stages.

With this new Candidates Statuses enhancement, candidates in either of these pre-configured stages will now also have statuses associated with them. These statuses will allow you to see the status of these activities at a quick glance.

How do I use it?

The first step for using statuses is setting up your hiring workflow with review and interview stages! You can learn more about how to do this here. The statuses only display on the Review and Interview stages - they do not display on any plain stages.

Once set up, as candidates move to these stages, the statuses will automatically activate.

For example, when a candidate is in a pre-configured Interview stage, but an interview has not yet been scheduled, it will show as 'yet to schedule' beside the candidate’s name.

In another example, if the candidate is in a review stage and you’re yet to leave your review, you’ll see this status as well.

Hold up...I'm not seeing these options when I manage my stages

If your team hasn't been moved to the New Hiring Workflow, you will not have these options when you configure your stages. Please write to us regarding transferring your account to the new hiring workflow.

More questions?

Check out this help article, or feel free to reach out at any time at!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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