Meet the new Hiring Pipeline Report!

Around here we've made a lot of enhancements to your Hiring Workflow. Now your old "Opening Report" transforms into a "Hiring Pipeline Report" to allow your unique hiring workflow to shine!

What is it?

The Hiring Pipeline Report replaces the previous "Opening Report" under "Reports."

This new report allows you to view your hiring pipeline at a glance. Organized by opening, you can quickly see where your candidates are in the hiring process, as well as decisioned states.

How do I use it?

The Hiring Pipeline report can be sorted by the dropdown at the top. You can sort to only display certain openings, or certain time frames:

Once sorted, you can get a quick glance view of where candidates are throughout your hiring process

What if I have more questions?

Check out this help article or feel free to reach out at any time at!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!