Meet the new Interviews & Reviewers report!

The Interviewers & Reviewers report provides detailed insights regarding the team members involved in the hiring process and how they're evaluating candidates.

What's new?

Overall Look

First - you'll notice that both reports have an entirely new look for easy, at-a-glance reporting. We've also adjusted the design of these reports to take full advantage of the entire width of your screen, as with the other updated reports.

New Filters

These new reports contain a variety of filters to allow you to drill down to the exact data you're looking for. You can click "Add Filter" to filter these reports:

How These Reports Can Improve Your Hiring Workflow

We've worked hard to make sure our reports provide information that can educate you and help improve your team's processes. Here's how.

The Interviews & Reviewers Report can show you the distribution of interviews. Are you putting extra work on some more than others?

You can also review if colleagues are submitting evaluations on time, if at all:

Lastly, you may want to review how your colleagues rate candidates. Ideally you'd want a somewhat even spread.

What if I need more help?

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~ Annette @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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