Meet the New and Improved Candidate Profile

The Recruiterbox candidate profile has just gotten a major overhaul. Now complete with a mobile-friendly design, we're excited for you to check out the new look!

Why we made the change

During this quarter, our team is focusing on making Recruiterbox a more mobile friendly design. The new candidate profile is redesigned to be easy to navigate on both mobile and desktop browsers.

We have also simplified the actions you take in the profile - making it clear what section you're in, and what events have occurred.

Let's compare

First, let's compare the old profile to the new profile.

Old Profile:

New Profile:

Profile Tab

The first tab in the new design is the "Profile" tab. This tab will contain the "Profile" section of the candidate's page (typically their application answers, or any fields added to their profile), as well as their resume and other documents. The social footprint and source information will also flow to the bottom of this section.

Stage Navigation

The right side of the new profile (or the last tab on the mobile browser) will contain the timeline of the candidate moving through the Hiring Workflow stages. From this section you can quickly schedule interviews, send the profile for review, and create a new to-do.

Emails Tab

The next tab across the top of the new design is the "Emails" tab. This tab contains the information previously in the "Candidate Messages" section, and allows you to write to the candidate. Each message will display as a collapsed thread. You can click on the collapsed thread to open it and reply, or click "New Thread" to begin a new message.

Comments Tab

The third tab across the top of the new design is the "Comments" tab. This tab contains all internal communication between you and your colleagues regarding this candidate.

Big highlights

Now that you know the basics, let's talk about some of the big changes.

It looks awesome on mobile devices

Go ahead - take the new profile out for a spin on your mobile device. The new tabbed design plays so well with any size screen.

Use comments for internal communication

The new "Comments" tab will now contain all of the internal communication you and your team have regarding the candidate.

This information was previously spread across internal notes, interview and review feedback and interview and review comments. It is now all shown in one tab, in a chat-style view, with each event or comment being a line in the chat.

To let a fellow user know about a message, you'll "@tag" them in the message - such as "@chelsea" or "@annette." When tagged, they'll receive an email notification of being mentioned in the candidate's profile.

Candidate messages become "Email Threads"

The candidate messages will now live in the "Email" tab. This tab will contain threads (collapsed) or a button to create a new thread.

Social Footprint gets icon updates

The social footprint design has changed from a list to an icon view. Clicking on the icons will take you to these profiles, and clicking "Expand" will show you the links.

History Log moves

The history log (previously on the bottom of the candidate's profile) has moved to the top right dropdown.

Clicking here will open the history log in an overlay on the page.

Edit on hover

If you hover over any of the profile sections, you'll have the option to edit these sections with a dropdown. This will not appear unless you hover over the page.

To-Dos in the Timeline

You can access your to-do's in the candidate's timeline. Here you can create a new to-do or view existing outstanding to-dos.

Remind users to submit feedback

In the new profile, you can send an email reminder to your fellow users if they have not yet submitted their interview feedback. This is done under the "Timeline" at the interview block.

What if I have more questions?

We know this is a huge change to a page you use every day. We're so excited to hear your thoughts and questions.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time at

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!