New Process for Sponsored Indeed Postings Via Recruiterbox

The setup for posting paid/sponsored jobs to Indeed via Recruiterbox is changing.

This change goes into effect as of June 11th. Below will be the new process for all paid/sponsored posts to Indeed created from June 11th onward.

What is different with the new process?

With the new process, your team will be working directly with Indeed for your paid sponsorships, to optimize your postings and your candidate inflow.

You will enter your desire to sponsor your posting via Recruiterbox, and we'll pass this information along to Indeed. You'll then work with Indeed regarding payments and further management of your posting.

What steps do I take?

In app, you'll still navigate to the same place for sponsoring your posting.

Once here, you'll see some new options, under the Indeed paid/sponsored posting. Click "Buy Posting" to continue:

You'll be asked to enter the email address that you'd like to use on Indeed. If your team has an existing Indeed email address, you can enter it here:

Next, you'll pick your amount of sponsorship. Please note that this is across 15 days. After making your choice, click "Sponsor Job on Indeed Now" to continue.

On the next screen, you can enter your contact details for Indeed.

If you already have a credit card set up on your Indeed account (based on on the email you provided) your job will go live without further action. If you do not, Indeed will contact you regarding your payment.

Click "Submit Phone Number" to continue:

You'll now see a confirmation page, confirming your paid posting:

Will my candidates from these postings still flow back into my Recruiterbox account?

Yep! If you set up your postings in this manner, the candidates will still come back into your Recruiterbox account as you're used to.

What if I want to add more money to the campaign (add a higher budget)

This can be done via the "Add Budget" button inside the job board section:

What if I want to stop the paid posting?

You can do so via the "End Campaign" dropdown within the job board section:

What if I need to edit the content of my job (description, etc)?

This is done on Recruiterbox directly. The changes will sync to Indeed within 48 hours

What if I have questions about my payment, or what's happening with my posting?

You should direct these to Indeed's support, as they are fully in control of this side of things.

What if I have an existing paid posting that hasn't expired?

Any posting that you initiated prior to June 11th will continue as normal, through the end of the sponsorship.

When you re-sponsor the job, you'll follow this new process.

What about the other paid job boards?

The processes for the other paid job boards remains the same.

What if I need more help?

Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback at any time -!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!