Set your hiring up for success by reducing bias in interview feedback

When leaving interview feedback, you want your team to leave the feedback based on how they truly feel about the candidate - instead of being influenced by the feedback their teammates leave. With the new unbiased interview feedback feature you can control when your team sees the interview feedback left by others. This feature is only available on certain pricing plans. Interested? Reach out about an upgrade! Ready to turn this on?You can read about this new feature in this help article. If you need more help, we're always here -! ~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness P.… Read more »

Bulk upload and manage users with ease

Team collaboration is an essential part of Recruiterbox. You can now bulk upload & manage users, making it easier to ensure all of your team members have the correct permission, user levels, and access within your account. Super Admins can find this option under Settings > Users. On this page you'll now find a new button for "Bulk Manage" along side a button for adding a single user. Your team can use this feature to add new users, deactivate users (and reassign their tasks), and even edit access to openings. This feature is only available on certain pricing… Read more »

Meet the new Hosted Careers Site

The Hosted Careers Site displays your published jobs and allows you to share these across the web. The latest updates to the Hosted Site make it easier for candidates to find your job postings. On the left side of the hosted site you'll now find a variety of filters, including: radius search* (to search for how far a job is from a particular city or zip code), city, country, and team filters. At the top of the hosted site you'll notice a new search bar to allow candidates to search through your jobs, and a place to view or clear… Read more »

Try out Universal Search!

The new Universal Search feature allows you to search your entire Recruiterbox account through one handy search function. This new search option is found in the lower left bar of your account (Or by clicking the keyboard shortcut of ctrl/cmd + k). Once there, you can use this to hop anywhere in your account. Here are some handy things to try out: Type in "Users" to hop to the Settings > Users page Type in the name of a candidate, to jump to their profile Type in the name of an opening to move over to that opening… Read more »

Work addresses for your account

With this new feature, you have the option to add your company's work addresses within your account. These allow us to better pinpoint where your jobs are actually located inside of the cities you pick for your job openings. What is the benefit of adding my company‚Äôs work addresses? In the future we will be rolling out an option for candidates to be able to search for jobs within a certain distance from their desired zip code. In order to do so, we need to know the exact location of the job you're hiring for. For example - you… Read more »