Meet the Opening History Log

The opening history log gives your team access to view the activity that has occurred on each of your openings. How do I see this in my account? The history log is available to any user in your account with access to that particular opening. To access the opening history log click on the three dot icon on the right side of the opening and pick history log: This opens a side panel to display the opening history log: What if I have questions? Reach out -! ~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness P.S. How do you feel… Read more »

Leave feedback on the fly with Quick Reviews

How does it work? When you're ready to leave feedback on a profile, click on "Send for Review" - from here, you'll now see a new option called "Leave a quick review." The Quick Review option allows you space to leave your feedback on the candidate - without having to send it to yourself for review, first. This feedback then lives on the "Feedback" tab, for easy viewing. The previous features for sending the candidate for review to your colleagues from this button, as well as auto-sending through review stages all stay the same!… Read more »

Save time with Auto Closing Openings

Often you'd like to publish a role only for a set amount of time. Now we'll auto-close the opening on the date you set inside of Recruiterbox. How does it work? Once the auto-close date is set inside the opening, we'll automatically change the opening's status to "Not Accepting Candidates" when the date passes. It's as simple as that - set it and forget it! Of course, if you realize you need to still gather more candidates, you can reopen the opening at any time! Ready to try it out? Learn more here I'm not seeing this on… Read more »

Save time with automated Interview and Review feedback reminders

Getting feedback from your teammates on Interviews and Reviews is crucial to moving your hiring forward. Now you can automate reminders for this feedback. How do I set it up? Any account Super Admin can turn this feature on via Settings > Interview and Review Configurations. Here you can pick the reminder frequency that makes sense for your team. Once set, we'll remind your team of outstanding Interview and Review feedback at the interval you select. Can I still send reminders manually? Sure thing! You can always send reminders manually, too, from the candidate's profile directly: I'm not seeing this… Read more »

Now offering 30-day sponsorship for Indeed Paid Postings

With the latest update to Indeed sponsored (paid) postings, your team can now purchase paid postings for 30 days, instead of 15. What is changing? Previously Indeed sponsorships through Recruiterbox covered your team's postings for a 15-day period. As of July 25th 2019, these sponsorships will last for 30 days. New higher budget amounts are also available when you sponsor your postings to ensure that campaigns run for a full 30 days, better supporting the average hiring cycle. This higher budget is not an additional cost per click; it is only a higher cost to facilitate the change from a… Read more »