Paid Job Postings - Reach out to more candidates

Getting the information about a job opening to all potential candidates (who qualify) is one of the biggest challenges faced while recruiting. Various Job Boards try to address this need by ensuring that the potential candidates can search for relevant jobs.
Job boards also try and attract the passive candidates by updating them about the availability of relevant jobs that they are interested based on location, function, company etc.

Posting the job opening details to multiple boards is a time consuming activity.
Many decisions including - Job boards to target, Free vs. Sponsored, Budget, User account vs. Company account have to be taken.

We have partnered with ZipRecruiter and are offering our customers a "One click - Post More" feature for ZipRecruiter's - "Traffic Boost" product.

This ensures that in a single click you job is posted to 50+ job boards with budget optimizations. In "One click" the details related to your job opening is made available to millions of job seekers, freeing your time to focus on identifying the right candidate.

Some quick question and answers

Q. Why should I try this out?

With a single click you now have the power of getting your Job opening in front of millions of active and passive candidates. From a business standpoint $99 (Promotional) is a small price that you pay for the convenience and reach.

Q. What job boards are covered in this package?

Multiple (50+) job boards are covered. It also includes e-mail updates to millions of subscribers. A partial list of job boards is available Here.

Q. Is the job posting in the target job boards "free or paid"?

Our partner optimizes for getting maximum coverage. They have special pricing for paid job postings with their partner job boards. So it will be a mix of free and sponsored postings in the targeted job boards.

Q. What is the regular price of this package?

The regular pricing (from 1-Jan-2015) will be $199 per job opening.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of jobs I can post using the promotional offer?

No. You can post any many jobs as you want.

Q. When do the jobs appear in the target job boards?

They should be listed in the target job boards from 24-48 hours after you purchase the package.

Q. How long do my Job openings appear in the target boards?

30 Days.

Q. Can I see the source of my candidates based on this job posting?

Yes. The source will be captured as ZipRecruiter Boost - so that you can verify if this is working for you.

Q. Are you planning to add more job boards?

Yes. Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Stackoverflow and others are in pipeline. Do write to us at, if you have a job board in mind.

This feature is available for job openings in US and Canada regions only.
The promotional pricing of $99/Opening is available only till 31st Dec 2014.