Questionaires - Collect more information

“Life has wicked humor – It changes the questions, when we have the answers” - Unknown

Questionnaires are available in all our legacy plans, Pro plan and customized standard plans.

Very often, during the hiring process we end up gathering more information from a candidate. This information will be of immense use if it can be structured (in the form of Q&A), reused (as templates), communicated (as messages to candidates) and searched (for filtering).

There are multiple use cases where creating a form that candidate fills up other than the application form is useful. An application form typically is the first interaction with a candidate. It allows detailed data capture but falls short in extended use cases. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Keep the application form short, but have the candidate answer more questions after her profile has been screened.
  2. Candidate information uploaded or forwarded in the email and hence does not capture all the necessary information.
  3. Augment the information you already received from candidate with more specific info e.g. you found an awesome candidate from another state and would like to know if he is willing to relocate etc.
  4. Simple assessment form that a candidate fills up so that you can filter/search based on the answers.

The Questionnaires feature attempts to satisfy the numerous use cases, which require gathering more structured information from the candidate.

Creating and using questionnaires involves the following steps:

  • Create a Questionnaire template - The experience is very similar to customizing an application form. User creates a questionnaire with a title & description (visible to the candidates). Add one or more questions of various types.

  • Send a Questionnaire - Questionnaires are embeddable in a candidate message. You can attach a questionnaire by selecting it in the candidate message pane. The questionnaire that has been sent to the candidate appears in the candidate profile with details.

  • Candidate message - The candidate gets an email with an unique link that renders the questionnaire form for him to fill up. A candidate can submit the form only once.

  • Candidate profile - The answers submitted by the candidate are shown as a Q&A form inside the candidate profile.

  • Advanced search - The questions and answers are searchable in the advanced search to enable filtering of candidates based on specific answers.

The Details

Create a Questionnaire

Questionnaires are accessible at "Company Settings". You can manage the templates and create/edit/delete them here.
Questionnaires in company settings

List of questionnaires
Creating a questionnaire for your job applicants to answer

Create a questionnaire
How to create a questionnaire for your job applicants to answer

Manage the questions
Questionnaire follow up questions

Add or edit questions

The Questionnaire

Send a Questionnaire to the candidate

Write a new message to candidate
Sending a questionnaire to a candidate
Select the Questionnaire to add

Compose the message and send

View the questionnaire in the candidate profile
Setting notice periods for questionnaires
View the questionnaire in the candidate profile

The Candidate's experience

The email to the candidate

The questionnaire form for the candidate

Successful submission of answers by the candidate

Resubmission of form by the candidate

Profile data with answers

Profile data after submission

Questionnaire view after submission

Advanced Search

Questions in "Advanced Search"

Filtering using Questions and Answers

Filtered Results