Receive Structured Feedback on Candidate Reviews

Having a solid hiring process is essential to a growing team. We've offered Structured Evaluation Templates for a few years on your Interviews and now with this latest enhancement, you can create set review questions for your ad-hoc reviews and review stages, too!

With this enhancement you can set up your evaluation questions on ad-hoc reviews:


As well as on review stages:


When your team leaves their review feedback, they will be asked the questions you've specified, leading to higher quality and more valuable review feedback.


Once the feedback is submitted, you'll see it on the "Feedback" tab inside the candidate's profile:


I'm ready to learn more!

In May we are doing a webinar on high quality interview and review feedback. You can register here!

To learn more right now, check out this help article, or feel free to reach out at any time at!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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