Redefine your Opening Workflow with Draft and Internal Openings

We have made exciting changes to the opening workflow, and are looking forward to you checking these out! These changes will help you and your team better categorize openings and assist in opening creation.

First, the changes

  • Save Openings as Drafts - Sometimes you want to get started on the opening, but need more time to finish up the details. You can now save openings as drafts, to hold on to them for finishing later!

  • Opening Statuses Change - Openings now have 5 statuses: Draft, Published, Not accepting candidates, Internal and Archived.

  • New order on opening creation - When walking through the steps to create a published or internal opening, you will now fill out opening details, and then set up your Hiring Workflow.

Now, the details

Save openings as Drafts - With the new "draft" option you can keep openings as drafts when you're still working out all the details. When creating an opening, saving as a draft allows you to bypass the mandatory fields, and save where you are at the time.

Openings will also automatically save as a draft once you begin creation.

Opening Status Changes - In the past, openings could be incomplete, published, private or archived. We have changed these statuses to be the following:

  • Draft: Draft status is for openings that you are still working on setting up. They are not visible outside of your Recruiterbox account, but can be edited internally until you are ready to publish them. You can not add candidates to draft openings. Openings automatically save as draft once you begin creating an opening. You are charged for draft openings on per-opening pricing plans.

  • Published: Published openings are live, active openings. These openings are publicly visible on your Hosted Careers Site or Jobs Widget, and can be published on the job boards. You are charged for published openings on per-opening pricing plans.

  • Not Accepting Candidates: Openings set to not accepting candidates allow you to pause hiring and manage the candidates in the opening. When openings are in this status, you can still take actions on the candidates in the opening. These openings are not visible to the outside world, and you can not generate a link for sharing this opening. You are charged for openings set to not accept candidates on per-opening pricing plans.

  • Internal: Internal openings are fully accessible inside your account, but not visible externally unless you share a private link. This opening type was previously called "Private." You are charged for internal openings on per-opening pricing plans.

  • Archived: Archived openings are closed openings. Inside your account you can view these openings and the candidates assigned to them, but you can not make edits to the opening or candidates while the opening is archived. Archived openings are not visible outside of your account, and can not be shared. You are not charged for archived openings on per-opening pricing plans.

You will now see these new statuses reflected on the left side of your "Openings" dashboard as well. In addition, we have removed the "Overview" section, as it was a duplicate of the "All Accessible" section on this dashboard.

New order on opening creation - As you create your opening, you will first be asked to title the opening (and given the option to copy details from a previous opening).

Next, you can enter your opening details - such as the location and job description. At this point, you can save the opening as a draft, or continue forward, by choosing to make the opening published or for internal use.

Next, you'll set up your hiring workflow, and continue through the opening setup.

Setting up the opening details and choosing if the opening will remain a draft, or be published or internal, before moving on to your hiring workflow is a change in the previous setup. We hope this new workflow makes more sense for your creation process, and gives you more control over the view of the opening!

Have more questions?

You can reach out to our team directly at!

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox

P.S. How do you feel about this update? We'd love to hear your opinion below!