Share your openings on ANY Job Board

You're all powered up with an awesome job description and a killer application form. Now you're ready to share your job for the world to see! With our latest enhancements to the job boards page, you can add your jobs to any job board!

Set up in a flash

  • From the bottom of your job board management page you can quickly choose between our one click job boards, or, with this latest enhancement, add a new job board

  • When adding a new job board to this job, choose between existing job boards that your team has set up, or set up a new one

  • Recruiterbox will generate the opening posting information for you to share on the external job board you are setting up. Simply copy the information from this screen, and include it in your posting on these external sites!

Share a job URL or applicant email address

  • Depending on your job board needs, choose between receiving candidates through a unique opening URL

  • Or a unique opening email address

Receive candidates + track their sources

  • These unique open URL's and email addresses route the candidate data back in to your Recruiterbox account and automatically track their source

Ready to learn more?

Click here to read about all of the ways to share your jobs on the job boards.

~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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