Streamlined Bulk Candidate Uploads

While it would be awesome if every single candidate applied through your Recruiterbox application form and were automatically added to the system, we know life isn't always that neat and tidy - sometimes you end up with a number of candidates who need to be added all at once.

The latest enhancements to bulk candidate uploads make this job quick and painless!

Choose which stage you'd like the candidates to be added to

You're no longer limited to just choosing the opening - assign these candidates to a particular stage during the upload process.

Add all types of bulk uploads from one screen

Easily choose between a CSV (spreadsheet) + optional resumes, or just a resume upload, all from the same screen.

Add spreadsheet of candidate data + their resumes in a single upload

With the new interface you can include resumes with your spreadsheet uploads. The resumes will be matched to the names in the CSV file, and attached to their profile.

Ready to learn more?

Check out this help article.

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~ Chelsea @ Recruiterbox Customer Happiness

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