Questionaires - Collect more information

> “Life has wicked humor – It changes the questions, when we have the answers” - Unknown Questionnaires are available in all our legacy plans, Pro plan and customized standard plans. Very often, during the hiring process we end up gathering more information from a candidate. This information will be of immense use if it can be structured (in the form of Q&A), reused (as templates), communicated (as messages to candidates) and searched (for filtering). There are multiple use cases where creat… Read more »

Happy Labor Day - Welcome to EEO Support

A mini set of Questions and Answers Do you support EEO data collection? Yes. It is done as a part of “Candidate Messages”. The following image shows how it is done. The candidate will see the following link at the end of the message. The candidate would see a page similar to (Sample EEO Survey Form []) when he clicks the link. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is the quest… Read more »