The New Year Goals

No one ever got in trouble for failing to meet a vague plan

~ Seth Godin

A "New Year" is a great paradigm to pause and reflect on what has been achieved. It also the right time to define what needs to be achieved. The context can be "Personal Life", "Family", "Team work" or even "Organization".

At Recruiterbox, we believe that any goal has to both "Actionable" and "Measurable". We will be building more product features that help our customers to set goals and achieve them.

We hope your annual plan includes one or more of the following:

  • Decrease the Hire/No Hire decision time by 50%.
  • Increase the number of candidates applying for our positions by 30%.
  • Increase the number of qualified candidates applying for our positions by 50%.
  • Ensure that all candidates who apply for our positions get a response from us.
  • Decrease the cost to hire a suitable candidate by 30%.

If it does and you are wondering how to make sure that you achieve them - do feel free to write to support for a quick walk thru of your usage of Recruiterbox. One of our product specialist will gladly help you.

Wishing all our customers a great and productive year.

-- The vague annual plan for Recruiterbox created using The annual plan construction set - Thanks 'Seth Godin'
Recruiterbox - Goal 2015