Three things a Charm

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” - Gautama Buddha

Of the many subtle changes that we have made in Recruiterbox to simplify your life, we cannot hide the following 3 anymore

  1. Grouping of openings in "Widget" and "Hosted career site".
  2. Enhanced Interview section in the candidate page.
  3. Name/Email/Phone parsing of emailed & bulk uploaded candidates.

Grouping of Openings:

It is often necessary to group the openings based on location (for multi-location organizations) or team (for clarity about the roles) or the opening type (Fulltime/Partime etc).
Now you can choose the grouping as part of the "Settings".


You can select the grouping criteria based on your requirement.

and voila! what you get is this:
grouped jobs

Enhanced Interview Section:

The interview section of the candidate profile has been optimized for space and usage.

Feedback and comments are accessible without cluttering the available space

Feedback includes a simple - Go/No Go decision input

Feedback can be edited multiple times (for unarchived candidates in active openings):

You can see the history of the edited feedback

With changes highlighted (how cool is that!!!!)

Name/Email/Phone number parsing:

When a candidate is added to Recruiterbox (or an opening) using bulk upload or through a forwarded email, the attached Resume' is parsed and the candidate's Name, Email & Phone number are associated. The accuracy is very high and this should put an end to the tedious data entry for bulk uploads and emailed candidates.