Trakstar Hire connects to Trakstar Learn

Since the goal of using Trakstar Hire is to find the perfect candidates, it also makes sense to then move these candidates forward into your Trakstar Learn system, to begin onboarding and other e-learning courses.

With our new connection between Trakstar Hire and Learn, you can do just that!

What is it?

The new connection with Trakstar Learn allows your team to move candidates which you have marked as hired in to your Trakstar Learn account.

How do I set it up?

Setup is simple! Any account superuser can get your account connected by following the steps under Settings > Advanced Settings > Apps & Integration.

I'm set up! Now what?

Great! Let's get some candidates moved over.

After marking a candidate as "Hired" you'll see the option to Add the candidate to Learn.

Once you pick "Add to Learn" a pop up will let you fill in any necessary details. Including a future start date will schedule the user to be added on their start date. Including their group will allow auto-enrollment in courses, depending on the group setup. Click "Add to Learn" again to send the candidate over.

The candidate data will then move over to your Trakstar Learn account, as a "Trainee" user level. You can then navigate to Learn and manage this user further.

Ready to get started? Learn more here.